Hob Nob Never Ending Story


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Herding Champion, Breed Champion, Obedience Trial Champion, Master Agility Champion, Agility Dog Champion



"Slider" and Jo Roach are the FIRST Border Collie & herding breed QUADRUPLE CHAMPIONS!


Look for articles about Jo and Slider in January 2008 issues of

Border Lines - The Official Publication of the Border Collie Society of America

and Front & Finish The Dog Trainer's News


Follow these links to see the original artwork & articles for

BCSA Border Lines  &   Front and Finish



Fable and I are very proud of this team, they are not only very successful in all that they do, they are also a joy and exciting to watch.  We are honored to call them both friends and family.


Here are a few photos of their journey to the QUAD.




 Agility photos by Creative Indulgence




"As the song that is playing with this page says, "you'll never know what you've done for me... you'll never know the gift you've given me." It is through Yvonne's friendship that I came to be blessed with Slider. Thank you to Yvonne for leading me to Slider, thank you to Jan for entrusting me with this amazing dog, and thank you to Slider for being the wonderful gift that you are.  "You taught me to run, you taught me to fly... you've opened my eyes, you've opened the door." My dear Slider, I hope I can give back to you the joy that you have given me. You are truly a gift from God."  - Jo Roach





As of July 15, 2012 "Slider" is officially known as




A few of Slider's many accomplishments:


July 15, 2012 Slider earns his MACH3

November 7, 2010 Slider gets his MACH2 for his 7th Championship

February 13, 2010 he earns his HTCH for his 6th Championship

June 13, 2009 he earns his ADCH for his 5th Championship!

January 27, 2008 finished his MAD title

Rainier Agility Team 2008 DAM Team Bronze Medalist

October 21, 2007 Jo & Slider earn The Versatility Award at the 2007 Border Collie National in St. Louis, MO

August 18, 2007 finishes his Master Agility Championship

making breed history by earning him and Jo the First Border Collie QUAD Championship!

July 21, 2007 wins Utility B to finish his Obedience Trial Championship

May 27, 2007 another First Place Herding for HIT and some "extra" HC points

May 26, 2007 finished his Herding Championship with First Place and RHIT

2007 BCSA Versatility Champion and ChX

2006 USDAA Nationals Semi-finalist in Steeplechase

2006 USDAA Nationals Semi-finalist in Grand Prix

Wins 2006 Rainier Agility Team Local Steeplechase Qualifier

Placed second at the 2006 Columbia Agility Team Steeplechase Qualifier

Has earned High in Trial and Reserve High in Trial on this way to his Herding Championship

He earned multiple High In Trial and High Combined awards in Obedience

Breed Championship earned March 13, 2005


The Quad Father "Fable" and Son "Slider"


  A well earned vacation at the beach











"Slider's" Dam is "Chisel" and his sire is "Fable"

Visit Slider's siblings - The Fab 4

Visit Slider's Hob Nob page

OFA Good BCO-5946G24M



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